Hotel in Fez, Morocco?
Rent a Riad, Dar, Riyad, or House
in the Historic Fes Medina, Maroc
with Dedicated Concierge Services
Stay in the Pasha Baghdadi Massriya
Royal Suite Apartment, Dar Bennis,
Dar Ben Safi, Riad Louna
Reservations / Rates


Fez Medina offers the following links to helpful resources in planning your trip to Fez: - The Arabic Language Institute in Fez has an excellent reputation internationally as the preeminent institution in the Maghreb for the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language. It offers three-six week courses in both Classical Arabic and Moroccan Arabic. Highly recommended.

Helpful Links for Planning a Trip to Fez Morocco. Consider renting traditional houses and experience Moroccan culture. Visit to make a reservation to stay in a small palace, royal suite, or traditional ryad, dar, riad, riyad, or vacation rental home in the medieval souks of Fes, Morocco ¡¡��C Fes Maroc ¡¡��C Fez Marokko - We recommend this web site of the Marrakech-Medina project, which restores and rents traditional houses and Riyads in Marrakech. Marrakech-Medina is not affiliated with Fes Medina, but we admire its work. - Moroccan tourism site with useful information on travel and culture, news and classifieds in French, English, and German.

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