Looking for Fez Morocco hotels? Our experienced staff will help you rent traditional houses and experience Moroccan culture.  Visit www.FesMedina.com to make a reservation to stay in a small palace, royal suite, or traditional ryad, dar, riad, riyad, or vacation rental home in the medieval souks of Fes, Morocco ¡Ã‚¡Ã¬C Fes Maroc ¡Ã‚¡Ã¬C Fez Marokko
                   Fez Morocco hotels? Our experienced staff will help you rent traditional houses and experience Moroccan culture.
About Us

Fes Medina LLC is a family social venture based in Fes, Morocco and the US. The vision of Fes Medina is to celebrate, preserve and share the remarkable architecture and way of life of the old medina of Fes, and to open doors of understanding between people. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2021.

Fes Medina restores traditional properties in the ancient medina of Fes and makes them available to selected travelers, with personal assistance so that people from around the world can experience living in the remarkable medina of Fes. Fes Medina has recently launched Fes Medina Online Experiences, virtual encounters with our Moroccan family that welcome visitors virtually to our home in the twisting alleyways of Fes.

Earned income from this project supports non-profit artist residencies in the Fes medina for artists from around the world, and provides partial support for five families in Fes.

A Note from the Founder

Fez Medina began in Fall 2000 and over 20 years has grown as a small family social enterprise. Fez Medina LLC was founded on a passion and a respect for the medina of Fez, and an urgent concern for the thousands of historic houses in dire need of restoration in the medina, many of which are in peril of being lost forever.

It is a privilege to work with the remarkable artisans whose ancestors built the medina, a joy to care for one of these houses for a time-perhaps a short time in the perspective of the house-and a grave responsibility to care for it well and pass it on intact to future generations. Please read more about our commitment.

The people whose houses are offered on this site have made a rare commitment to bringing a house in the medina back to life. They are friends and colleagues who have thrilled and agonized through the delicate and difficult learning process of responsibly restoring a traditional house with traditional materials, in a traditional neighborhood in a medieval medina. We are a community of people with a deep commitment to the Fez medina, and we take real joy in being able to welcome selected travelers into the houses over which we have taken such pains. Doing so is to relive our own first moment of awe over these remarkable places, and the sense of wonder to be able to live in the medina like a resident, not a tourist in a hotel. We assure you, it is a completely different experience.

"But how could I live right in the medina of Fez?" "How will I ever find my house?" "How will I know how to get around?" "What if something happens? I don't speak Arabic." I understand all these concerns because I first lived as a woman alone in the medina myself in 1996, while studying Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez. This experience inspired us to create the support services that we have offered Fes Medina guests for the last 20 years.

Fez Medina offers traditional Moroccan houses for rent with full support services: pick-up and drop-off at the airport by private car, a concierge who helps travelers arrange day trips and answers questions, and cell phones for guests’ use. It is the closest we can get to giving you the feeling that friends are waiting to welcome you to your own house in Fez.

Thank you for your interest in Fez Medina. Our family looks forward to the opportunity to welcome you to the remarkable medina of Fez.

Very truly yours,

Lori Wood
Founder, Fez Medina, L.L.C.

Fez Medina Team