Hotel in Fez, Morocco?
Rent a Riad, Dar, Riyad, or House
in the Historic Fes Medina, Maroc
with Dedicated Concierge Services
Stay in the Pasha Baghdadi Massriya
Royal Suite Apartment, Dar Bennis,
Dar Ben Safi, Riad Louna
Reservations / Rates


Dedicated Concierge Services
A Secure and Private Home Environment
Two Cell Phones for Use in Fes
Housekeeping & Linen Service

Concierge Service: A Staff Person Dedicated to You

  • Fes Medina’s concierge service provides you with a dedicated concierge for the duration of your stay in Fes. Your concierge will:
  • Help coordinate your arrival.
  • Greet you at your arrival point and arrange optional pick-up services if you wish.
  • Arrange for a cart and/or a porter to carry your bags to your property.
  • Coordinate your linen and cleaning services, and your breakfast needs.
  • Arrange dinner reservations.
  • Interpretation services

Looking for Fez Morocco hotels? Why not rent traditional houses and enjoy dedicated concierge services in a secure and private home environment. Visit to make a reservation to stay in a small palace, royal suite, or traditional ryad, dar, riad, riyad, or vacation rental home in the medieval souks of Fes, Morocco ¡��C Fes Maroc ¡��C Fez Marokko
  • Arrange optional day trips with car and driver to Meknes, Volubulis, the hot baths at Sidi Harazem, or anything else that catches your interest. (We will provide you with a schedule of prices for car and driver to these sites.)
  • Take you to internet cafes so you can keep in touch.
  • Handle other special needs, as you desire.
  • You will be able to reach your concierge at all times on his cell phone, via your own Fes Medina cell phones.

For tours of the medina and shopping, your concierge can arrange the optional services of an official guide at the standard official guide price of 200 dh/day. (Please note: The Moroccan Tourist authorities are very strict in enforcing the law that only official guides may accompany tourists in shopping areas.)

A Secure and Private Home Environment
  • You can expect an equal or higher level of security and privacy in a Fes Medina rental property as you would encounter in a hotel.
  • Private properties afford a more secure environment, off-limits to non-staff visitors and other guests.
  • Fes Medina full-time concierge service adds significantly to your sense of security in Fes because it dramatically decreases the normal uncertainty and disorientation that travelers often feel when encountering a new culture

 Your Own Cell Phone for Use in Fes
  • Our guests enjoy the use of two Fes Medina cell phones during their time in Fes.
  • We can give you your phone number in advance of your arrival, so that your family or traveling companions can reach you in Fes.

 Housekeeping & Linen Service
  • Housekeeping and linen service are included in all rentals.
  • Frequency of housekeeping services will be arranged to suit guests¡¯ schedule and needs for privacy.